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How to Stay Healthy: Tips for Pregnant Women and New Moms

Becoming a mom is an amazing experience, from the pregnancy to actually holding your new baby in your arms. However, it’s not all fun and games. Pregnancy and the early days of motherhood can be stressful. It’s important to take care of yourself during these times, ensuring health and happiness for both you and your baby. Today, Tampa Bay Postpartum Doula shares some practical and actionable tips that you can implement as a mom-to-be or new mom.

Create a Calming, Clutter-Free Space

A cluttered space can actually contribute to anxiety, which is the last thing a new mom needs. Before you give birth, take some time to declutter your space. This is also an opportunity to make way for the new baby’s belongings. If you have a lot of papers lying around, digitize them to reduce clutter. You can use a PDF compressor to reduce a file’s size so it’s easier to send.

Fuel Your Body with Healthy Food

You need to nourish yourself while you’re pregnant and after you give birth. Food will give you the energy you need to care for your little one and help you stay healthy, so keep plenty of healthy snacks in the house. Breastfeeding moms in particular need to get extra calories packed with vitamins and nutrients, especially foods with protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots of fiber. Plus, be sure to drink plenty of water because lactation requires a lot of hydration.

Invest in a Comfortable Wardrobe Pre- and Postpartum

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable. Don’t make it worse by wearing clothes that don’t fit. That doesn’t mean you have to invest in a whole new wardrobe of maternity clothes you only wear once. Start by scoping out your own closet for loose-fitting items you can wear, like maxi dresses. Items with stretch are also good, both while you’re pregnant and in the early days after birth when your body is still adjusting.

Make Sleep a Priority for You and Your Baby

Sleep is a must for good mental and physical health. That said, getting a good night’s rest isn’t a given during pregnancy (or if you’re a new mom). To make things simpler while you’re pregnant, get a pillow to support your bump. After your child is born, implement best practices for sleeping, like creating a cozy environment and taking turns with your partner.

Find a Way to Exercise that Works for You

Exercise is just as important as diet when it comes to maintaining good mental and physical health. It isn’t always easy to find time to work out, however, especially if you’re pregnant or nursing. Simplify matters by trying workouts you can do at home, like squats and pushups.

You can also look for ways to integrate exercise into your everyday routine. For example, instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Take time out of your day to walk around your neighborhood with the stroller. The movement will likely help your baby to sleep (and give you a few minutes of quiet) and help your body to feel better. If you live walking distance from stores and restaurants, take this time to pick up a few things at the grocery store or grab a decaf cup of coffee.

Set Aside Some “Me” Time Every Day

Even though you’re probably fixated on your new child, it’s still
yourself. Set aside 15 minutes of time every day where you do something that’s just for you. This is a valuable form of self care that can help you relax. Examples of 15-minute self-care activities include going for a walk, journaling, listening to music, painting your nails, and taking a shower or bath.

Give yourself the freedom to do things without purpose beyond entertainment. You may feel like indulging in a reality show or searching for celebrity gossip isn’t important enough any more, but anything that makes you happy is worth a little time. You can even check out How Tall Height for completely unnecessary information about how tall your favorite celebrities are! Just give yourself some slack and a little freedom to indulge.

Learn to Lean on Your Support System

It’s important to ask your friends and family for help – not just during pregnancy but also during the early days of motherhood. Don’t try to do it all alone or you’re sure to get overwhelmed! There are also external resources and support groups that can help, like Tampa Bay Postpartum Doula. Your general practitioner can also connect you with resources in your local area. Finally, the internet is a good place to seek help, for example through online forums.

Be Kind to Yourself as You Adjust

Being a mom is a wonderful gift. However, it’s not always easy. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself by implementing tips like these, from decluttering to getting exercise. Take each day one moment at a time and be kind to yourself as you adjust to this new role and your new little one. And always reach out to your support system to keep yourself happy and sane.

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